Comparative Market Analysis

What is a Comparative Market Analysis?
A CMA is a report which compares your home to similar homes in your area to determine an approximate current market value. Often, a market analysis will include a list of homes that have recently sold or that may have been withdrawn fro one reason or another. By studying the various types of properties and their respective prices, a real estate professional can determine an approximate market value for your home.

Why is this service free of charge?
Local real estate professionals subscribe to this service so that they may receive their local CMA requests straight to their email. Therefore the Market Analysis is free to the consumer

Why can’t I get an instant CMA?
Instant online requests are usually not very accurate. Most instant CMA websites are using the county tax information to work the numbers. Unfortunately, the reality is that a good percentage of the county tax information on homeowners is inaccurate. This means that the figure that is given to you (which is supposed to be your target home value) is incorrect. Our database of realtors are there to perform your market analysis using the latest numbers. This includes homes that have sold and homes that are still on the market.

What is the timeframe?
Your information is transferred directly from our database to the respective agent for your area. The agent will begin to gather information about your area and comparable properties. Soon after, they should contact you using the information that you provided in the form.